MyArcade to deploy Bandai Namco Micro Arcade Machines

MyArcade this week announced a partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment to release new Micro Arcade Machines.

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Mercedes-Benz to deploy MBUX infotainment system

Mercedes-Benz this week previewed the Mercedes-Benz User Experience or MBUX at CES 2018.

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Nintendo Switch a fine-tuned console and mobile machine

Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s Nintendo Switch is a fine-tuned machine that transforms from console to mobile device with precision due to well-engineered hardware and versatile Joy-Con controller peripherals.

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PlayStation VR PS4 relays strong experiences, uneven games

Sony Corp.’s Playstation VR hardware for the PlayStation 4 is a solid entry in the VR peripheral market that can relay strong virtual experiences, though game quality can vary due to technical limitations and motion unease.

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