Helldivers 2 PC retreats from mandatory PSN account link


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Sony Corp. this week said Helldivers 2 PC users will not be required to link a PlayStation Network account following consumer backlash against the decision.

The company said it will not be moving forward with the requirement, which would have disabled access to the title to more than 100 countries and territories outside of the PlayStation Network.

Previously, Sony announced that from May 6, all new Helldivers 2 PC users will be required to link a PSN account to their Steam account. Current players would be required to link a PSN account by May 30.

The company cited safety and security for PlayStation Studios titles, including combating abuse, player bans, and rights to appeal.

The decision ignited swift reaction from the dedicated Helldiver 2 userbase. More than 200,000 negative reviews flooded the Steam product page to pummel the review consensus from ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ to ‘Overwhelmingly Negative’ in 48 hours.

Sony said it is still learning what is best for PC players and did not specify a future account linking solution.

Helldivers II is a third-person squad-based shooter in which users battle swarms of alien threats.

The final game includes an alternate first-person camera view, large boss battles, weapon customization.

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