Nintendo Switch No. 2 hardware in Dec. sales


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Circana, Inc. this month said Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s Nintendo Switch ranked third in hardware sales in the latest domestic retail data.

For the month of Mar., the Nintendo Switch ranked No. 2 in hardware based on dollar sales.

It ranked second in unit sales in the same period.

In Q2, Nintendo reported revenue of $2.2 billion, down four percent from the year prior. Net profit totaled $603 million, a decline of 19 percent year-over-year.

For Q2, Nintendo sold 6.84 million Nintendo Switch units, up 2.4 percent from the year prior.

The hardware has sold 132.46 million units to date. Software sales totaled 1.13 billion units to date.

The company forecasts 15 million sold this fiscal year.

Nintendo raised its full-year forecast ending Mar. 2024 to 1.58 trillion yen (from 1.45 trillion) in net sales and 420 billion yen (from 340 billion) in net profit.

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