WIM wearable robot helps assist walking and exercise


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WIRobotics this week previewed the WIM, a wearable robot that attaches to the legs to help assist in walking or provide resistance for exercise.

The module includes four pieces – a battery pack with leg anchors, a waist belt, and two knee attachments. The entire setup weighs only 1.6kg and was extremely comfortable to wear.

In the assist setting, the robot helps users lift their legs. Each step felt lighter and easier with the WIM with a small amount of force to boost a normal walking motion. The belt can even be set to provide resistance to build strength in each leg. In this mode, it felt like walking underwater and the robot did a great job relay a firm and steady pullback.

Battery life with last about two hours and can be charged via USB-C. The WIM app can collect musculoskeletal data to monitor gait and balance, and exercise performance.

The WIM will be sold in Korea for around $2000. A U.S. release date is to be determined.

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