PS5 No. 1; Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty No. 2 in Mar. 5 Japan sales


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Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 5 ranked as the No. 1 top-selling video game hardware in the latest retail data from Japan.

Famitsu this week said the PS5 sold 78,412 units to rank as the No. 1 hardware between Feb. 27 and Mar. 5.

For the period, the PS5 sold 60,403 units and the PS5 Digital Edition sold 18,009 units.

The Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty PS5 SKU sold 30,132 units to rank as the No. 2 software title for the period.

Sony sold 7.1 million PS5 units in Q3 ending Dec. 31, 2022.

Operating income for the Game and Network Services division, which includes the PlayStation business, totaled $820 million, an increase of 25 percent from one year ago.

Q3 revenue in the division totaled $9.7 billion, an increase of 53 percent from the year prior.

PS5 sales totaled 32.1 million units to date.

The PS5 and PS4 sold 86.5 million software units for the quarter, a decline of seven percent from the year prior. Digital downloads totaled 62 percent of software sales.

PlayStation Network active users totaled 112 million, down two percent from the year prior. PlayStation Plus users totaled 46.4 million, down four percent from the year prior.

Sony expects to sell 19 million PS5 units in fiscal year 2023.

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