PS5 PS Plus Collection to conclude in May


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Sony Corp. this week said it will conclude the PS Plus Collection, a library of best-selling PlayStation 4 titles included in the PlayStation Plus service for the PlayStation 5 May 9.

The PS Plus Collection contains 20 PS4 best-sellers including God of War, The Last of Us Remastered, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last Guardian, Ratchet & Clank, Persona 5, Detroit: Become Human, Bloodborne, Days Gone, Batman: Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Battlefield 1, Until Dawn, Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, Monster Hunter World, Final Fantasy XV, Mortal Kombat X, Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition, and Resident Evil 7.

PS Plus members can download titles from the collection prior to May 9 and access the titles for the length of their PS Plus membership.

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