Kirby Café Tokyo a top stop for the powerful puffball


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Kirby, the iconic puffball from Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s Kirby franchise, stands powerful enough to not only inhale objects, but open a café in Tokyo to invite others to do the same.

The Kirby Café Tokyo branch located in Sumida City is an intimate restaurant for Kirby fans to take a seat next to Wispy Woods and have a burger, coffee, or even a Kirby car cake to fill an empty stomach.

A new Winter-themed menu, which launched in November, offers a seasonal flair to classic menu items. For example, the Winter Kirby Burger features a cozy scarf made of egg that wraps around a pink Kirby bread bun. In addition, the Café au Lait can be customized with special foam art of Winter-themed Kirby characters that greets drinkers with each sip.

Select menu items can be ordered with exclusive souvenirs like a ceramic plate with the burger, a ceramic mug with a coffee order, or a ball-shaped lunch box with the Loco Moco Bowl.

Both the burger and Café au Lait were good, but the Car Mouth Kirby cake was a standout. Inspired by Kirby’s trademark copy ability from Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the car chassis is crafted from a delightful strawberry-flavored blancmange pudding. The dessert was finished with chocolate wheels, crystal jelly, and a breadstick bumper.

After a meal, customers can visit the attached Kirby Café store which includes merchandise from tote bags to ceramic sauce dishes to bath towels.

A larger store with a mix of café merchandise and more traditional Kirby plush toys can be found on the 4th floor of the Tokyo SKYTREE town.

Reservations are required for the Kirby Café in Tokyo and can be made at

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