Elden Ring treks Patch 1.06


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Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. this week released Patch 1.06 to Elden Ring for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and the PC.

Patch 1.06 includes the function to send summoning signs to summoning pools in multiple areas, function to invade a larger area, a new way to advance the White Mask Varre’s questline by defeating a new NPC, balance changes, and bug fixes.

Developed by FromSoftware and produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., Elden Ring is an action RPG from Hidetaka Miyazaki (Dark Souls) and George R. R. Martin (A Song of Ice and Fire).

The title includes third-person melee combat against foes small and large.

In the Land Between, an open world of friends and foes can be explored on land or below in dungeons. The world map will expand when users acquire Map Fragments. In addition to traditional third-person weapon and magic combat, users can summons spirits to aid in battle.

The final game includes co-op, PvP, and invasions.

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