Reliefband Sport review: Quick relief from nausea


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A bout of nausea, motion sickness or vomiting can ruin any excursion. The Reliefband Sport, a wearable that claims to reduce nausea and related effects, worked as advertised in a multi-hour test.

The Reliefband Sport includes a waterproof band and plastic chassis. Under the main device is a metallic surface that sends pulses to the wrist to signal the brain to reduce nausea.

To start, users apply a small amount of hypoallergenic conductivity gel to the bottom of their wrist, place the Reliefband Sport over the same area, and tighten the wrist strap.

The device includes six power settings than be cycled with the press of the main power button. Even at the third level setting, you can feel the pulse moving from your wrist to your fingers.

After coming back from Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, I had not had a good night’s sleep and felt a bit dizzy and nauseous in the afternoon. After placing the Reliefband on, within 15 minutes I began to feel better and by the first hour I had no feeling of nausea or dizziness whatsoever.

The Reliefband Sport was so subtle that I forgot that I had it on and left it running for about four to five hours. In addition, I didn’t experience any side effects and went about my day as normal.

The device has a 30-hour battery life, which is plenty to work through an international flight, cruise, or lengthy car ride.

The propriety charging cable is absurdly short so it would be best to purchase an extension cable. Also, the device will not work without the conductivity gel, which isn’t always convenient to have around.

The Reliefband Sport is a great piece of health tech that can be recommended to anybody who experiences nausea or dizziness. The final product is FDA cleared and sells at $249.99.

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