Rainbow Six Extraction review: High stakes, low budget


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The stakes are high in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction, a tactical co-op FPS that combines practical protocol against an alien invasion.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, a three-person team of operators must
contain an alien threat called the Archaeans. Each of the 12 containment zones include three timed missions that increase in difficulty. When the mission can’t be completed, players can choose to extract from the zone and bank XP points or continue to the next mission and risk peril for greater reward.

A total of 18 operatives each hold a unique ability that can be imperative to complete the mission. From the Doc’s Health Pistol to Lion’s ability to detect moving enemies, each operative is defined and critical to maintain. All operator stats can increase with XP for improved abilities, stat boosts, new loadouts and gadgets.

Enemies are basic but can run rampant when difficulty increases. Sower is a grunt type, Bloater is crawler that can burst upon death, and Tormentor can fire rapid projectiles. Many missions involve controlling Nests, or enemy spawn points that be alerted and must be contained.

To increase the challenge, downed operatives who are left on the battlefield will be tagged MIA and can be rescued in the next mission. Even operators who are rescued and taken to the exfil tanning bed will be left incapacitated until their HP returns to a normal level. HP can be earned from each mission but the game is stingy with distribution unless an entire zone is completed.

The title maintains the realism standards set in Rainbow Six titles from shooting through walls, setting up barricades, and weapon blasts that can alert enemies.

All these parameters create a tight risk and reward balance that can create brief yet intense missions that force users to contemplate their plan of action or to simply extract and earn XP.

The graphics engine is decent at 60FPS with average detail. Extraction has a brighter look than the standard Rainbow Six title but is pared down enough to maintain a quick frame rate in online sessions.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction won’t be for everyone. The title holds a tight set of challenge parameters that lean heavily toward realism despite its alien invasion plot. But with high risk, high reward missions, the low budget title has enough meat on the bones for those hungry to fight.

It sells at $39.99.

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