Belkin BOOSTCHARGE Plus Power Bank review: Max charging from iPhone to MacBook


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The BOOSTCHARGE Plus Power Bank from Belkin International, Inc. is a 10K power bank that includes both Lightning and USB-C charging cables built in for an all-in-one recharge device suitable for the most diehard road warrior.

The chassis is compact, with both Lightning and USB-C cables tucked neatly into each side of the device. Both cables are coated with rubber and have a rigged grip at the top to easily slide out of the main plastic case. Also, both inputs plug in with a strong hold to prevent an accidental disconnect.

At the bottom of the case is a USB-C port to charge the device, a power button, and a four-level LED light to show how much power is left.

With a full 10,000mAh battery, the charger can recharge any phone multiple times and serve as a charger for any notebook with a USB-C charging port, including the MacBook. The BOOSTCHARGE Plus can charge one device at 18W or two devices simultaneously at 23W combined.

With built-in cables and the option to charge phones, notebooks, and tablets, the BOOSTCHARGE Plus Power Bank is a beastly combination and a must-have travel companion.

It sells at $69.99.

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