Resident Evil Village PS5 Limited Time Demo a frenetic 30 minutes


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Capcom Co., Ltd.’s Resident Evil Village Limited Time Demo, released this month, is a frenetic 30-minute preview that pits the user against ferocious new enemies called Lycans.

In the preview, Ethan Winters is searching for his daughter and quickly learns of new enemies attacking a nearby village. Remote sheds offer limited ammo for a handgun and shotgun, while items like gunpowder can be mixed to create additional bullets. New items include flour bags which can attacked to distract enemies and mines to placed strategically on the path of a lurking enemy.

Movements in a wheat field soon turns to a revelation of a new enemy – the Lycan – a mutated werewolf beast that is as quick to dodge as it is to attack. While torso shots do limited damage, the old-fashioned headshot can still result in an instant kill.

After escaping the Lycans, Ethan tries to help hiding villagers toward a safe house, only for a town meeting to succumb to chaos and fire. Ethan eventually finds two Crests that can be placed in a stone structure to open a new path toward a castle.

RE Engine performance is solid for the PS5 at 4K/60FPS. The snow-capped village is convincingly rendered, particularly enemies, indoor environments and objects.

The Limited Time Demo will offer 60 minutes to explore the village and castle areas. It will be available for 24 hours starting May 1 at 5PM PST.

PS5 and PS4 owners will have early access to the demo on Apr. 24 for the castle portion. The session will allow for 30 minutes of exploration between 5PM and 1AM PST.

Following the events of Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Ethan Winters and his wife Mia encounter Chris Redfield, who’s actions require Ethan to enter a mysterious snow-covered village.

Like RE7, Resident Evil Village utilizes a first-person perspective.

Combat will include firearms, weapon customization, blocking, crafting, and a new kick action.

Finally, Resident Evil Village will include Resident Evil: Re:Verse, a new online multiplayer deathmatch title for 4-6 players.

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