PS5 PSVR controller previewed


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Sony Corp. this week previewed the next-generation PlayStation VR controller for the PlayStation 5.

The next-gen controller will include left and right analog sticks, face buttons, and triggers.

The controller incorporates technology from the DualSense controller including Adaptive triggers, Haptic feedback, in addition to finger touch detection and tracking.

The next-gen VR system will enhance resolution, field of view, tracking and input. It will connect to the PS5 via a single cord.

A release date is to be determined.

The PlayStation VR hardware, released in 2016, utilizes a 5.7-inch OLED display at 1920 x RGB x 980 resolution.

It includes a Cinematic mode that supports PlayStation 4 games and videos, Share Play and Live from PlayStation.

In addition, users can view 360-degree photos taken from omni-directional cameras.

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