Xbox Series X|S sells 1,099 units in Japan Jan. 31 data


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Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S ranked as the No. 4 best-selling video game hardware in the latest retail data from Japan.

Famitsu this month said the Xbox Series X|S sold 1,099 units to rank as the No. 4 best-selling hardware between Jan. 25 and Jan. 31.

For the week, the Xbox Series X sold 562 units and the Xbox Series S sold 537 units.

Microsoft Q2 gaming revenue increased 51 percent to $5 billion from the year prior.

In addition, Xbox Content and Services increased 40 percent due to first party titles, third-party titles, and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

Finally Xbox hardware revenue increased 86 percent from the year prior due to the launch of the Xbox Series X|S.

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