iHome TIMEBOOST GLOW review: Charge the iPhone, set the mood


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Alarm clocks can be boring, but the iHOME TIMEBOOST GLOW isn’t one of them. The product delivers dual alarms, Qi charging, Bluetooth speaker functionality, and ambient light functions in a solid package.

The iHome TIMEBOOST GLOW includes a clear plastic case and a rear speaker. The surface includes a 10W QI charger and physical buttons for light settings, snooze, volume, and Bluetooth pairing. The rear includes two alarm set buttons, a USB-A port, and a time set button.

The Qi charger has a great rubber grip and can hold various sized phones well without interference to the physical buttons. When a phone is placed on the charger, the unit emits a cool green glow to indicate the charge function is in use. The rear USB-A can be used to charge an additional product, including an Apple Watch, which it did without issue.

The color-changing glow feature can be set to seven modes from a slow fade to pulse. The lighting looks great and is diffused in a way that doesn’t make it glaring or annoying. Turned off, the unit defaults to a nice grey finish.

The Bluetooth speaker paired without a hitch and emitted decent sound from the iPhone SE.

A great feature for alarm buffs are dual alarms which can wake to Bluetooth, to built-in tones, and to eight lighting modes. The product can also double as a speakerphone and has a quick-access answer button on the surface.

Finally, the entire display and buttons can be dimmed to seven different levels, including off for those who prefer less light in the room.

The iHome TIMEBOOST GLOW is a great nightstand companion that turns an alarm, charger, and speaker into a light-emitting mood setter.

It sells at $79.00.

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