TCL MTRO200NC review – lightweight wireless headset packs robust sound


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TCL, a brand known for high-quality affordable TV sets, have branched into the audio business with new headsets that promise the same quality and value proposition.

The TCL MTRO200NC is a prime example of quality and affordability. It’s a lightweight, wireless headset with active noise canceling and fantastic sound.

The MTRO200NC includes 32mm speaker drivers for great quality sound in the highs and lows. Playback with low drum notes or bass lines release a satisfying rumble, and high notes are crisp and clear. Active noise canceling, which can be turned on of off, worked well to drown out any outside noise.

For phone calls, voice quality was good and the built-in mic held decent quality for the entire conversation.

The headset is extremely lightweight at only 7.5g or .26 ounces. The plastic headband is adjustable and fits well on relatively larger heads. The leather earcups are smaller than normal to keep the aesthetic minimal compared to larger headsets. In addition, the earcups can fold flat to make it easy to pack for travel.

Battery life is great at 25 hours playtime. Users can fast charge via micro USB at 15 minutes for three hours of play. Connection via Bluetooth 4.2 was solid across mobile phone to PC.

As a bonus, the headset includes a 3.5mm out and a cable to plug it into a traditional headphone jack – a great feature for when the headset is out of battery.

The TCL MTRO200NC is a great wireless headset option. From its robust sound to its lightweight construction, the product delivers premium quality without breaking the bank.

It sells at $79.99.

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