SNK Neo Geo MVSX to deploy


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Gstone Group, in partnership with SNK Corp., this week announced the SNK Neo Geo MVSX, a new home arcade unit that will include 50 classic Neo Geo arcade titles.

The tabletop arcade unit will include a 17-inch 4:3 LCD screen with two analog joysticks and six-button array. An optional 32-inch base will increase the unit height to a near 5-foot tall arcade cabinet.

Game titles include The King of Fighters Collection, Metal Slug Collection, Samurai Shodown Collection, Fatal Fury Collection, World Heroes and Art of Fighting Collection, Sengoku, Magician Lord, The Last Blade 2, Shock Troopers, Magician Lord, Top Player’s Golf, and Baseball Stars.

The final unit will include MVS and AES modes, pixel-to-pixel scale and scan line support, and stereo speakers.

The tabletop unit will be sold at $449.99. The base will be sold at $99.99. And the combination tabletop unit and base will be sold at $499.99.

The SNK Neo Geo MVSX will be sold in Nov. Pre-order sales will begin in Sept.

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