Kaliber Gaming NUKLEUS Gaming Headset review – solid sound for PS4, Xbox One, PC


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The IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming NUKLEUS Gaming Headset is an affordable wired headset for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One and the PC with solid sound at under $35.

The NUKLEUS includes 50mm drivers that can deliver impressive isolated sound layers, particularly in the low levels. In our test playing Resident Evil 3, the large explosions and crackling fire resonate well in the ear, though at times the bass can drown out lower levels. When base levels aren’t present, low levels can be heard clearly, like the noise of a nearby enemy.

In-game vocals from the game also come across clearly with surround sound quality.

The headset itself, while plastic, includes very comfortable cushioned ear cups with some noise isolation. The back left ear cup includes a well-positioned thumbwheel for volume control, but no microphone mute control. The cord, which could be longer for desktop PCs, is nylon braided for extra durability.

In addition, the flex boom microphone is great quality, fully flexible and not a standard flip-down plastic piece.

Finally, the headset includes a handy Y adapter for PCs to split the 3.5mm jack into separate speaker and mic jacks.

The IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming NUKLEUS Gaming Headset is a good entry-level option for wired headset gaming. The sound quality is solid, and the headset is well-built and comfortable for long-term play. It sells at $34.95.

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