LG G-SYNC OLED TV to deploy this month


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LG Electronics this month will release a new big-screen OLED TV to include Nvidia G-SYNC compatibility.

The CX Series 55-inch SKU will be sold this month at $1,799. A 48-inch SKU will be sold in June at $1,499, a 65-inch in Apr. at $2,799, and a 77-inch at $4,999 in May.

The GX Gallery Series, to be sold in 55, 65, and 77-inch SKUs, will be sold in Apr. starting at $2,499.

The BX Series at 55-inch and 65-inch SKUs will be sold in May.

Finally, the ZX Real 8K Series will be sold in a 77-inch SKU at $19,999 and a 88-inch SKU at $29,999 this May.

A total of 12 LG OLED TVs will be G-SYNC compatible and range in sizes from 48 inches to a 88 inches.

G-SYNC technology relays low latency and a variable refresh rate for a smooth and responsive image without input lag when gaming.

LG in Jan. previewed new UltraGear Gaming Monitors over-clockable to 160Hz with Nvidia G-Sync compatibility.

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