Langrisser I & II review – dual dose of classic combat


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NIS America Inc.’s Langrisser I & II for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Co., Ltd.’s Nintendo Switch is a dual dose of classic combat perfect for strategy buffs to battle on the grid-based field.

In Langrisser I, Prince Ledin of the Kingdom of Baldea must reclaim the Langrisser, a legendary sword said to grant unlimited power.

In Langrisser II, a young traveler named Elwin must protect Liana, the Priestess of Light, from the Rayguard Empire.

Both titles employ similar gameplay tactics. Each field Commander can use attack, skills, and magic on their enemies. In addition, Commanders can hire mercenaries like soldiers, lancers, and monks to aid in battle. Finally, Commanders can unlock a total of 50 classes to access combat bonuses and additional skills.

When an enemy Commander is defeated, all enemy mercenaries are defeated and eliminated from the battlefield.

From the start, Langrisser 1 & II feature veteran-level strategy that requires decisive tactics. For those not at that level, users can choose to play in Easy mode.

At times NPCs that may need to be protected in the mission make awful decisions that leave them open to attack. Enemy AI, however, is smart and almost always surround their Commander with mercenaries to make the battle tougher.

Both titles includes both classic and remastered art style. Classic art style retains the distinct character art and battlefield graphics from Langrisser and Langrisser II for the Mega Drive, while remastered includes newly updated hand-drawn character art and modern battlefield graphics. Both are fine, but I definitely preferred the classic art style.

Langrisser I & II is a fantastic compilation of two classic strategy titles. From the dramatic, consequential storylines, solid battles, and multiple endings, each titles delivers plenty of tactical warfare for seasoned strategists.

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