Kanex Premium Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging review – solid solution


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Kanex, a maker of peripheral products, has released the Premium Mousepad with Wireless Charging, a mousepad that can wirelessly charge any compatible device.

The Kanex Premium Mousepad with Wireless Charging is an 8-inch x 12-inch mousepad that includes Qi charging functionality on the right margin of the product.

The mousepad is powered via the included micro USB cable and a 5V power adapter (not included). To charge a device, users can place a compatible phone or earbud product on the indicated cross pattern, and it charges as advertised. Charging is limited to 5W and only one device can be charged at a time.

In our test, the Kanex Premium Mousepad wirelessly charged the iPhone 11 with silicone case without a hitch. The size of the mousepad allows for plenty of room for a wireless device to sit on the margin without disturbing the charge or hitting the device accidentally.

Finally, the product is solid and sturdy in construction.

Kanex Premium Mousepad with Wireless Charging is an incredibly convenient charging solution that utilizes the most out of a desktop. It sells at $49.95.

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