Arcade1Up to drop Golden Axe, NBA Jam, Star Wars pinball


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Tastemakers LLC this week announced new Arcade1Up arcade cabinets and Arcade1Up pinball machines.

The Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder cabinet will include the namesake game title in addition to Altered Beast, Shinobi and Wrestle War. The cabinet, the company’s first to include games by Sega Games Co., Ltd., will be sold in May.

Meanwhile, the NBA Jam cabinet will include NBA Jam, NBA Jam Tournament Edition, and NBA Hang Time in addition to built-in Wi-Fi for live online multiplayer functionality against other owners.

New Arcade1Up pinball machines are 3/4-scale digital pinball units with a flat LCD display and force feedback. The unit on display was Star Wars-themed and was a blast to play. The horizontal display was clear, sharp and reacted to the digital flippers, plunger, and bumpers accurately.

Finally, additional products to be released include a Burger Time Special Edition cabinet limited to 3,000 units, updated Star Wars cabinet with seat, a new Pac-Man cabinet with seven titles and light-up marquee, and an updated Street Fighter II: Champion Edition with light-up marquee and light-up buttons.

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