Call of Duty: Modern Warfare deploys Hardpoint, new maps


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Activision Blizzard Inc. this week released Hardpoint and new maps to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One, and the PC.

Hardpoint is a game mode in which opposing teams must secure and defend a point on the map.

New maps include the multiplayer map Shoot House and the Ground War map Krovnik Farm.

The DLC is available at no cost.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare the user takes the role of a Tier One operator.

The title includes a single-player campaign with close-quarter combat, stealth operations and long-range combat, in addition to online multiplayer and the 4-player Spec Ops co-op mode.

A new graphics engine supports 4K HDR, photogrammetry, volumetric lighting, and DirectX Raytracing for PC.

The final release includes cross-play support for console and PC, and free post-release maps and DLC.

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