PlayStation 5 details deploy


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Sony Corp. this week detailed new information for the PlayStation 5, the successor to the PS4, to consumer publication WIRED.

The PS5 will include a CPU based on AMD Inc.’s Ryzen and GPU based on the Navi hardware. The GPU will include hardware-based ray-tracing acceleration.

Like prior hardware, the PS5 will include an optical drive. The latest will utilize 100GB discs and can function as a 4K Blu-ray disc player.

For storage, the console will include a solid-state drive to load in-game assets faster. Game titles will still require installation but will allow users to install or delete a component of the game.

The next DualShock controller will support haptic feedback that can offer levels of resistance to each trigger. In addition, haptic feedback will allow for more distinct feedback compared to standard force feedback. The final controller will utilize a USB-C input and include a larger battery.

Finally, the user interface will be overhauled to include friend status and real-time information for multiplayer games to join.

The PS5 will be sold holiday 2020.

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