Samsung Galaxy Fold to deploy in Sept.


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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. will release the Galaxy Fold smartphone in Sept. following a delay due to problematic review units.

The company said this week that it has made improvements to the phone, including extending the protective layer beyond the bezel to deter removal, adding reinforcements to protect from external particles, strengthening the top and bottom hinge, adding metal layers beneath the display and reducing the space between hinge and body of the device.

The Galaxy Fold was scheduled to be released in the U.S. Apr. 26.

The delay followed multiple reports of broken screens from early review units, including blacked-out screens, flickering screens, and bulges where the screen folds in half.

Several review units were compromised when screen protection films were lifted off the display. The film did not include a warning label according to reviewers.

The Galaxy Fold is a folding smartphone that features a 4.6-inch cover display which can fully control the phone when it’s folded, and an internal 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display that unfolds when the device is opened.

When an application is opened from the cover display, it will automatically utilize the full display when opened. Users can multitask applications on the full display and pin secondary applications on the right margin.

A total of six cameras are included with three rear cameras (Wide, Ultrawide, and Tele), dual front cameras (Wide, RGB Depth), and a single cover camera.

The Galaxy Fold is powered by a 7nm CPU, 128GB RAM, 512GB ROM, and a 4,380mAh battery.

It will be sold for $1,980.

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