Luigi’s Mansion 3 Nintendo Switch previewed


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Nintendo Co., Ltd. this week previewed Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Nintendo Switch in 2019.

The sequel includes ghost capture gameplay from prior entries in the franchise.

New capabilities include the Slam, Suction Shot, and the Burst.

In addition, can as Gooigi for unique functions like passing through doors. A second player can control Gooigi for two-player co-op gameplay.

Finally, ScareScraper Mode is an online co-op survival mode to survive traps and ghosts.

Nintendo will release Luigi’s Mansion to the Nintendo 3DS Oct. 12.

Released to the Nintendo GameCube in 2001, Luigi’s Mansion is a an action puzzle title in which Luigi utilizes the Poltergust 3000 vacuum to capture ghosts.

The Nintendo 3DS version will include a map on the lower touch screen and a new Gallery Battle Mode to re-battle boss ghosts.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was released to the Nintendo 3DS in 2013.

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