STM Goods Dapper Wrapper rounds up tech cords, cables, and plugs


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The modern traveler carries a lot of technology. With that comes a lot of cords, wall plugs, and chargers that typically get shoved into a bag and become a tangled mess.

Enter the STM Goods Dapper Wrapper. The product, which resembles a folding toiletry bag, is lined with a myriad of pockets to hold tech essentials. When folded, an adjustable nylon strap wraps around and is secured with a magnetic lock. The exterior has a welcome fabric material coated to repel water and dirt.

Fully unfolded, the Dapper Wrapper is sectioned into fourths, with each quarter yielding various sized pockets for storage. From left to right are two mesh pockets, two nylon pockets, five smaller nylon pockets, and a full-length mesh zip pocket. The only problem with items stored in the nylon pockets is that you can’t see what’s in them, which could lead to a lot of mistrials when searching for the right item.

Because the product is unstructured, the final size of the Dapper Wrapper will depend on how much you put in it. After tossing in a Nintendo Switch wall plug, Apple Watch cord and wall plug, Android Wear cord and wall plug, mophie powerstation PD, and extra USB cord, the nylon strap still had plenty of give to lock securely. While the Dappper Wrapper now resembled an XL burrito from Chipotle, everything was locked into one pouch and nothing fell out.

PUNCH JUMP recommends the STM Goods Dapper Wrapper. It’s foldable, functional, and wrangles all the tech extras into one place.

It sells at $29.99.

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