Anker Soundcore Wireless Earphones a cheaper option to AirPods


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The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Total Wireless Earphones are a robust set of wireless earphones that can offer up to 20 hours of playtime and cost half the price of Apple Inc.’s AirPods.

The Liberty Air earphones are well-constructed and sit in a sturdy rechargeable case. When the case is opened, a three-light indicator shows how much charge is left for the set. Each charge holds five hours of playtime and the case can charge the pair three additional times for total of 20 hours.

Setup was quick and painless with a Bluetooth 5 connection. The earbuds turn on automatically when taken out from the case and turn off when placed back in, an elegant solution that eliminates any unneeded gestures.

The earphones fit comfortably and feel secure enough for a standard fitness routine. The set comes with a range of rubber ear tips to customize fit.

A series of double taps and holds allow users to play, pause, skip the next track, or the previous. Volume controls remain on the in-use device itself. The same is required to answer calls, reject them, or transfer the call to a mobile phone.

Sound quality is great with crisp clarity for music and heavier notes from action films. The earbuds, constructed with grapheme-coated drivers, can yield lower bass notes well without distortion or delay, and noise-cancellation is excellent.

The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Total Wireless Earphones are a great set of economical wireless earphones with high-fidelity sound and long rechargeable functionality.

It sells at $79.99.

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