Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet DLC2 battles PS4, Xbox One, PC


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Bandai Namco Games America Inc. this week released the Betrayal of Comrades DLC to Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One and the PC.

Betrayal of Comrades includes new enemies, new characters, quests, and BGM, Voice Library and Accessory enhancements.

Future DLC includes Betrayal of Comrades and Collapse of Balance. All DLC will be included in the Season Pass.

Developed by Dimps, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is a third-person shooter RPG action title in which users must balance gun and sword play with skill and gadget combat.

The title includes eight-player competitive and four-player cooperative online multiplayer modes.

Competitive battles are divided into Alpha and Bravo teams to cause the most damage to a boss character.

In cooperative battles four players and support characters team up to take down the enemy boss.

The final game includes double jumps, air dashes, repelling, and quick weapon swaps in addition to multiplayer cooperative and competitive modes for two to eight users.

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