Code Vein Producer Interview drops


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Bandai Namco Games America Inc. this week released the Producer Interview for Code Vein for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One, and the PC.

The Producer Interview includes IP Producer Yusuke Tomizawa to discuss difficulty changes, co-op gameplay, and enemies.

Pre-order customers will receive three crossover weapons, the Venous Claw, the Accessory Set, communication stamps, and Harbinger, a blood code for special characteristics.

Code Vein is a third-person action RPG said to include a massive interconnected world.

Users take the role of a Revenant who must fight to survive fiendish ghouls in a demented reality.

Revenants can access Blood Veils to drain enemies and enhance ability, including increased strength and new weapon abilities.

It will be sold Sept. 28 at $59.99.

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