PS3 sales increase amid Heavy Rain launch
by Marcus Lai

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Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 increased this week at amid the launch of the new interactive thriller Heavy Rain.

On Mon., the PS3 250GB SKU held a sales increase of 160 percent to rank No. 5 in Amazon's Video Games division.

Heavy Rain ranked at No. 1 top-selling product in the same period.

Heavy Rain, released Feb. 23, is an interactive thriller that will include four characters and a wealth of choices that determine the fate of each.

It holds a pre-sale price of $54.96.

Sony in Feb. said sales for the PS3 hardware increased in the third quarter due to price cut initiatives.

In the third quarter, Sony sold 6.5 million PS3 units, up from 4.5 million units one year prior.

The Networked Products and Services division, which includes the Playstation business, held a 1.9 percent increase in profit to 606 billion yen.

PS3 software sales increased to 47.6 million units, up from 40.8 million.

The PS3 has sold 33.5 million units to date worldwide.

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