Retailer offers $10 off accessory with MAG PS3
by Marcus Lai

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Retailer Best Buy Co. Inc. this week began offering $10 off a select accessory for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 with the purchase of MAG.

In the new offer, customers who purchase MAG can receive $10 off the PS3 Bluetooth Headset or a $20 PSN Game Card.

Developed by Zipper Interactive, MAG is a 256-player massive online multiplayer shooter.

The title includes online teams and three distinct PMCs to choose from.

Sony this week released MAG Patch v1.01. Patch 1.01 includes a number of improvements, including the ability to use a knife during reload animation, tuning adjustments for all weapons and armor, frame rate increase during player-heavy games, and server stability fixes.

Sony in Jan. said that downloads of the MAG multiplayer beta for the Playstation 3 passed 1 million worldwide in the first week of availability.

A total of 860,000 U.S. owners downloaded the MAG beta. The beta, which includes the 64-player Sabotage Mode and 256-player Domination Mode, was released on Jan. 4.

Sony in Nov. 2009 released a PS3 250GB SKU in the U.S. at $349.99.

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