E3: Sony, Microsoft's Wii copying a danger, says Nintendo
by Marcus Lai

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Nintendo Co. president Satoru Iwata on Tues. briefly referenced how reproduced ideas from rival hardware makers have forced it to continually innovate in the marketplace.

Iwata told the press at its annual E3 media briefing Tues. that consumers can grow tired quickly of new ideas, particularly when competitors provide similar offerings.

"This happens when others try to reproduce the initial change," Iwata said.

"There is danger in standing still," he added.

Sony Corp. in 2006 quickly installed a motion-sensor feature in its Sixaxis controller for the Playstation 3 following Nintendo's introduction of the Wii Remote controller.

Additionally, Microsoft Corp. this week introduced personal avatars for the Xbox 360 that can be used in games, similar to Nintendo's Mii caricatures for Wii.

Nintendo this week introduced several new offerings to accelerate its leadership in the casual video games business.

Wii Sports Resort is a follow-up to the introductory offering Wii Sports that will include a brand new Wii MotionPlus accessory in each game sold. The Wii MotionPlus is a small device that plugs into the bottom of the Wii Remote to provide additional motion-sensitivity, particularly to wrist motions.

Wii Music, due out this holiday, is a title that allows players to play more than 60 virtual instruments in solo or band-type play.

Finally, the new Animal Crossing: City Folk will introduce a new WiiSpeak peripheral to allow players to talk to each other via a set-top microphone.

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