Rock Band 2 Xbox 360 solo SKU orders start
by Marcus Lai

Bookmark and Share this month began advanced sales for the stand-alone version of Harmonix Inc. and MTV Games' upcoming sequel, Rock Band 2.

The stand-alone SKU, to be sold on Sept. 30, carries a pre-order price of $59.99 and free shipping at the retailer.

Additionally, Amazon this month began pre-orders for the Rock Band 2 Special Edition SKU, which will include drum, guitar, and mic peripherals to form a virtual band.

The product, to be released Sept. 14, carries a pre-order price of $199.99.

Rock Band 2 will debut exclusively on the Xbox 360. It will be released on other platforms later in the year.

The latest in the music franchise will introduce cooperative band play, multiple instruments, and new online modes.

Additionally, all previously downloaded music tracks from Rock Band will be compatible with Rock Band 2.

Rock Band for Nintendo Co.'s Wii debuted to top 10 sales at Amazon last month.

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