Blu-ray disc prices up after HD DVD exit
by Marcus Lai

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Prices for Blu-ray disc titles increased at following Toshiba Corp.'s exit from the HD DVD business last month.

Planet Earth The Complete BBC Series, previously sold for $54.95, now retails for $66.95.

The HD DVD counterpart still retails for the former price.

The Spider-Man Trilogy on Blu-ray disc, once sold for $48.95, now sells for $64.95.

In addition, Blu-ray disc player manufacturers and retailers are expected to keep prices stable now that the format is the default high-definition disc option for consumers.

Sony last week announced new Blu-ray disc players that will sell between $400 to $500 rather than the $300 to $350 pricing older models carry.

Still, retailers are offering incentives to drive Blu-ray sales.

Amazon is offering up to 50 percent off select Blu-ray disc titles.

This week, Best Buy is offering two free Blu-ray discs with the purchase of the Panasonic 1080p Blu-ray disc player.

Finally, Fry's Electronics on Sun. began offering a free Blu-ray disc title with the purchase of Sony Corp.'s 40GB Playstation 3 SKU.

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