Circuit City to back HD DVD; clearance 'inadvertent'
by Marcus Lai

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Circuit City stores will continue to sell HD DVD products at retail amid a recent clearance of stand-alone players at select locations.

A representative told Punch Jump Wed. that Circuit City will continue sale of Toshiba Corp.'s HD-A3 HD DVD player at $149 and the HD-A30 at $199.

The clearance of third-generation HD DVD players was said to be inadvertent.

Additionally, the representative said that over the last week Circuit City experienced strong HD DVD sales and will continue to remain platform agnostic.

Select Circuit City stores last week sold the HD DVD stand-alone players as clearance items as low as $100.04.

The sale sparked rumors that the retail chain would dump HD DVD in favor of Sony Corp.'s Blu-ray disc format.

U.K. retailer Woolworths this week said that it will carry Blu-ray disc titles and drop Toshiba Corp.'s HD DVD format at retail based on store sales.

Toshiba this month price cut all stand alone HD DVD Players following an announcement from Warner Bros. that it will produce high-definition content exclusively on Blu-ray.

Retailers this week, including Best Buy, Circuit City and are offering incentives to purchase high-definition content.

Amazon this week price cut Lost: The Complete Third Season on Blu-ray disc to $39.99 from a list price of $96.99 in the latest round of high-definition discounts.

It is offering Blu-ray disc titles as low as $14.99 and up to 53 percent off select Blu-ray disc titles.

In addition, it slashed prices for select HD DVD titles to as low as $15.99.

Best Buy next week will hold a $14.99 sale on select Blu-ray titles.

HD DVD players held a market share of 34.37 percent in the week ending Jan. 19 according to NPD Group Inc.

The figure stands behind Blu-ray disc player sales which accounted for the remaining 65.63 percent in the same period.

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