Best Buy to offer Blu-ray gift card promo next week
by Marcus Lai

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Best Buy stores will offer a free gift card with the purchase of multiple Blu-ray discs titles in the latest promotion to spur high-definition content sales.

In a circular due to be released on Sun., Jan. 20, the retailer is offering a free $10 gift card with the purchase of two Blu-ray disc titles and a free $25 gift card with the purchase of three titles.

Eligible titles include Spider-Man 3, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Superbad, Ratatouille, and 300.

The Blu-ray disc camp scored a coup this month when Warner Bros. defected from Toshiba Corp.'s HD DVD and said it will produce high-definition titles exclusively on Blu-ray.

Following the announcement, Toshiba price cut stand alone HD DVD players to $149.99. Entry level players can be purchased for as low as $129.00.

Amazon this week slashed prices up to 50 percent off on more than 50 Blu-ray titles.

In addition, it price cut select HD DVD titles to as low as $15.99.

The Blu-ray Disc Association in Dec. said that 2.7 million players have been sold through to U.S. consumers. The HD DVD Promotions Group in Nov. said that 750,000 HD DVD players have been sold through to consumers.

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