New Wii restock sells out in minutes at Amazon
by Marcus Lai

Bookmark and Share on Tues. restocked Nintendo Co.'s Wii and quickly sold out within minutes.

The online retailer made available the Wii console at 9 a.m. PST and sold out to eager buyers in about 12 minutes.

The brisk sales allowed Wii to rank No. 5 in the best-selling Computer & Video Games division. Products in the top five products include the Wii Nunchuk controller, Wii Remote, and Wii Play.

Wii was the best-selling video hardware in Jan., outperforming Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 and Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 by a large margin.

Nintendo has shipped 3.19 million Wii units worldwide to date. It expects to ship 6 million units by fiscal Mar. 2007.

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