Costco sells out of limited PS3 bundle online
by Marcus Lai

Bookmark and Share on Fri. sold out of limited Playstation 3 bundles as shoppers swarmed the online division to nab the anticipated video game system. offered its customers the Sony Playstation 3 Genji: Days of the Blade Bundle which included a 60GB PS3, extra controller and the bundle's namesake game title.

The online store began to sell PS3s at 8:00 a.m. and immediately received a traffic boost that rendered the site unusable.

Select customers who added the item to their cart were able to slowly check out with the item before it was sold out.

Costco told customers this week that it would offer a limited quantity of PS3 units online. The news quickly spread to deal sites like where members updated each other on their success of failure in buying the item.

Sony said 400,000 PS3 units will be available for launch. It expects to ship 2 million units to the U.S. and Japan by year-end.

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