Best Buy to offer empty-handed PS3 buyers an Xbox 360
by Punch Jump Crew

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Best Buy stores will offer empty-handed Playstation 3 buyers an Xbox 360 should the retailer sell out of Sony's anticipated next-generation console.

According to a Best Buy's retail protocol for selling the PS3, customers who waited in line but didnít get a PS3 will be offered a launch day deal of an Xbox 360 Premium System and two game titles, with a third title at no cost.

The offer is said to be valid from Nov. 17 to Nov. 19.

The PS3 will boast high-definition games and movies in up to 1080p resolution with its proprietary Blu-ray format and built-in HDMI connection.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 features high-definition games, movies, and television shows. It recently dropped an external HD DVD player to retail in order to play new high-definition format flicks.

Sony will ship 400,000 PS3 units to retail for launch, with many retailers expected to receive only 10-15 units in initial shipments. It expects to ship 2 million units to the U.S. and Japan by year-end.

Select Best Buy stores will offer midnight launch events for the PS3 when it drops to retail next week.

Update: Best Buy to offer empty-handed PS3 buyers an Xbox 360

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