Resident Evil 4 makes Nintendo Player's Choice
by Punch Jump Crew

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Capcom on Tuesday announced that its survival horror sequel, Resident Evil 4, has been awarded inclusion into Nintendo's Player's Choice program for the Nintendo GameCube.

The Player's Choice version will be sold at a discount price of $19.99.

The sequel, which has met with rave reviews and accolades from the press, dropped to the Nintendo GameCube in Jan. 2005.

Resident Evil 4 has received numerous 'Game of the Year' awards and lists of top games for 2005 for its survival action gameplay.

The game recently nabbed the #2 spot on Punch Jump's 'Pimpest of 2005' list published at the end of '05.

The next installment in the series, Resident Evil 5, is in development for Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's next Playstation console, PS3.

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