Namco to drop four to PS3
by Marcus Lai

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Namco revealed through its Japan website division that it will prep four titles for Sony's next console, Playstation 3.

The developer / publisher will prep a new RPG, shooting game, sports game, and a fighting game, likely for the console's launch.

The fighting game is likely a sequel to Namco's Tekken series. The company demonstrated a preview video of the franchise during Sony's press conference at the 2005 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Namco has been a strong ally in the console wars for Sony. The company's Ridge Racer series helped the PSone and PS2 sell at its launch window. Its Tekken fighting series has been exclusive to Sony consoles for 10 years.

Sony has not yet disclosed a release date or price point for the PS3. Analysts estimate that the electronics giant will drop the console to Japan in early summer followed by U.S. in Nov. and Europe shortly after.

The new console will be among the first Blu-ray Disc players at a mass-market price. Sony hopes that the high-definition disc will become the de facto market choice through sales of the PS3.

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