Xbox 360 sells 7,477 units in Japan
by Punch Jump Crew

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 console sold only 7,477 units in Japan, in a report from data research firm Media Create.

From Jan. 2 to Jan 8. the Xbox 360 was outsold by most handheld and console systems, including the PSP, Nintendo DS, PS2, GBA SP, GameCube, and Game Boy Micro.

The debut of Tecmo's Dead or Alive 4 did not affect the Xbox 360's lagging sales in Japan, which has seen tepid attention since its launch on Dec. 2.

NPD Group said Friday that Microsoft has sold only 600,000 Xbox 360 consoles since its launch Nov. 22.

The Xbox 360 may not see a boost in sales until RPG offerings from Square Enix and Mistwalker Studios release to retail in mid to late 2006.

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