CES: PS3 controller absent at CES
by Marcus Lai

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Sony is prepping the electronics world at CES 2006 for its Playstation successor, Playstation 3, with pre-production footage and Blu-ray Disc playback demonstrations. However the console's controller was absent in the glass display case that showcases black and silver versions of the console.

The maligned PS3 concept controller was last seen at the 2005 Electronics Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. The concept controller received poor reviews with critics citing a "batarang" look that would not be comfortable to hold.

The absence of the controller points to signs that Sony is redeveloping the unit to be more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and hands. Its Dual Shock 2 controller is regarded in the video game community as one of the best console controller designs.

Rival Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller has been well-received by fans for its integrated wireless function and comfort.

The Playstation 3 is scheduled to drop this year.

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