Analyst: PS3 to sell 200M in five years
by Punch Jump Crew

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Researcher Envisioneering Group estimates that Sony's Playstation 3 console will outperform its current generation system to sell 200 million units in five years.

The next Playstation, due out in 2006, will feature the IBM / Toshiba / Sony-developed Cell processor and high-definition DVD Blu-ray disc playback.

Sony announced in Nov. that the Playstation 2 has shipped 100 million units in five years to become the top-selling console worldwide.

Analysts have high hopes for the PS3 which will tie in Sony's electronics, movie, music, and games divisions into a multi-function device similar to the company's PSP handheld entertainment system.

Sony said that the PSP is on track to double its current install base after the holiday season to six million units.

Rival Microsoft is first out of the next console gate with its Xbox 360 offering. The white console has sold out in the U.S. and Europe, though demand remains tepid in Japan.

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