Sony sends Memory Stick Entertainment Pack to PSP
by Marcus Lai

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Sony Electronics announced Tuesday a new Memory Stick Entertainment Pack for the PSP that includes a 512MB Memory Stick PRO Duo and additional multimedia content.

The MSX-M512SEP Memory Stick Entertainment Pack will be available next month for $75.

The flash memory will be packaged with a CD of 44 audio and viddeo clips provided from various Sony entertainment divisions.

"Memory Stick media has evolved beyond being just digital film," said Mike Kahn, senior manager for Memory Stick media at Sony Electronics. "This entertainment pack is a solution for personalizing and enjoying the multi-media options offered by the PlayStation Portable system. With our various divisions, we are able to provide this unique offering of content."

Featured content includes highlights from Stargate Atlantis, trailers of upcoming Sony Pictures films, snippets of DVD movies, new music clips, demos of PSP games liek Gretzky NHL 06 and NBA 06, and additional content from Sony Online, AniPlex, and Connect services.

The new Memory Stick Entertainment Pack demonstrates Sony's new united policy to utilize the company's broad entertainment assets.

Sony recently dropped 7% of the company's global workforce in an attempt to turn around the electronic division's loss.

Sony CEO Howard Stringer said at a strategy event in September that the Playstation 3 would rely on Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony BMG, the home electronics group, and the component group.

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