Research firm: PS3 to lead over Xbox 360, Revolution
by Punch Jump Crew

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According to London-based research firm Strategy Analytics, Sony will dominate the next-generation console war with the Playstation 3, followed by Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Revolution.

In a report today titled, "Game Consoles For the Digital Home: Assessing The Prospects For PS3, Xbox 360 And Revolution," the firm predicts that Sony's Blu-Ray and Cell equipped PS3 will lead with 121.8 million PS3s sold worldwide, followed by Microsoft's Xbox 360 with 58.8 million and Nintendo's Revolution at 18 million.

In addition, the report describes that the PS3 and Xbox 360 will become a large part of the digital home strategy for both Sony and Microsoft, with Sony establishing Blu-Ray disc and the Cell processor as mass market technolgies, and Microsoft positioning the Xbox 360 as a broadband digital media server.

"The Xbox 360 represents one of Microsoft's best hopes of controlling the digital home," notes David Mercer, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics. "The 2005 holiday season will be a make-or-break time not only for the Xbox 360, but also for Microsoft's wider digital home strategy."

Strategy Analytics estimates that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will sell an accumulated 200 million next-generation games by 2012, with retail revenues exceeding $47 billion.

Microsoft is expected to release the Xbox 360 this holiday season, while Sony will drop the Playstation 3 in spring 2006. Nintendo has previously stated that the Revolution will drop to retail sometime in 2006.

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