Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn Teaser Trailer drops


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Square Enix Holdings Co. Ltd. this week release the Teaser Trailer for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn for Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox One, and the PC.

The trailer previews Episode Ardyn to be released in Mar. 2019.

Episode Ardyn will feature the antagonist in a story of death and restoration.

Final Fantasy XV has sold has sold 7.7 million units at global retail.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition includes an all-new dungeon, first-person mode, new Gear, new bosses, all season pass content, and a controllable Royal Vessel.

It sells at $49.99.

Final Fantasy XV is a single-player action RPG that includes an open world and action battle system.

The final game includes Chocobo riding, updated battle mechanics, and magic usage.

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