Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a premium peripheral that offers superb console controls for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller includes a traditional console controller layout with left and right analog sticks, a four-button array, L, ZL, R, and ZR triggers, Capture and Home buttons, D-Pad, and a USB-C port to charge.

Nintendo Switch Pro ControllerInside, the controller includes motion controllers, HD Rumble and built-in NFC for amiibo functionality.

The controller is finely made with durable analog sticks and buttons. In addition, its build is high quality, with weight and composition that feels solid and sturdy.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller controller shines in play with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a title that requires a map of controls including fighting, Magnesis, inventory, maps, weaponry, and sub-weapons.

Battery life is solid at 40 hours, however the peripheral requires six hours for a full charge.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller provides a premium console experience for the Nintendo Switch. The peripheral highly preferred over the included Joy-Con Grip in TV Mode and must-have for core game fans.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller sells at $69.99.

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