Sony Corp. this week defended its decision to forgo 4K Blu-ray disc playback functionality in the new Playstation 4 Pro hardware.

President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House told CNBC’s Squawk Alley this week the absence of 4K Blu-ray playback was based on PS4 usage data.

“The 4K Blu-ray decision was really just a matter of us…responding to what we were seeing our consumers doing. The biggest use case that we have where users spend their time on PS4 currently is obviously games. The second one is video…but by and large it’s streaming video,” House said.

“You have to make certain calls when you develop a new product and certainly we are looking very heavily to invest and support 4K streaming services, but maybe not so much on the packaged media front,” he concluded.

Microsoft Corp. in Aug. released the Xbox One S, an updated Xbox One that includes 4K, HDR, and 4K Blu-ray disc playback functionality starting at $299.

PS4 ProThe PS4 Pro, to be sold Nov. 10, will include 4K and HDR functionality to improve graphics fidelity. It will include an 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU, GPU at 4.20 TFLOPS, 8GB GDDR5 RAM, and 1TB hard drive. Current PS4 titles will be forward compatible with the PS4 Pro.

It will be sold at $399.

In addition, Sony will sell a new PS4 model that includes a slim case at $299.

In Q1 2016, the Game and Network Services division, which includes the Playstation business, held an operating income of $427 million.

The PS4 sold 3.5 million units in the same period.

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